How to Resolve Common Home Theater Design Mistakes 

In this pandemic, it is good to be happy and to have a good and relaxed mind. While others opt for working days and nights just to keep themselves busy and forget that they are parted from their loved ones. One of the ways to forget the loneliness is to chill and watch your favorite movies and series in your home theater. Now, having Netflix is not enough; to better the experience, home theatre installation has become a trend.  In this way, you will have something to do inside the house. 

the problem is a lot of homeowners deal with different problems when it comes to installing their home theatre. This is the reason why we wrote this article. We will going to help you with the most common issues you can fix on your own to have a good and personalized home theatre experience.  

  1. Fitting all the needed speakers –we are all aware that a home theatre wouldn’t be complete when you do not have the needed and necessary speakers in that area. The sounds play a major role in your entertainment and having a problem with it could reduce your fun times. To resolve this, you will need to suffice a layout which necessitate nine speakers in total— a center speaker, two in front, two surround speakers in the back, and two upward-facing speakers or in-ceiling speakers.  there are a lot of clients who find it difficult to find the best speakers in the town   and some of them resort to hide speakers behind the furniture or incomplete system of sound., which results in a not-so-good quality sound output.   
  1. Having an uncomfortable seating arrangement – if you want to install a home theater, you need to know exactly how you want to use it. By this, we mean that would it be used for family purposes? If it would be, then you would need to have some communal couch so everyone can snuggle and huddle together under a blanket while watching some movies. However, if you want to use it for friends, then providing leather recliner would be a better choice. If you do not think about what would be the main or primary purpose of your home theatre, you would need up ruining the seating arrangements.  
  1. Washed-out images- there are several reasons for a washed-out image or glare image, which is directly linked to poor image quality on the screen. This first reason is due to ambient lighting. When you opt for installing a home theatre, you need to install some blackout shades to reduce the amount of light in the room theatre. there are also black or gray screens designed to deflect light coming from the sides so you can opt for this kind of screens if you think it is not possible to block the light I the room. the other reasons why you have a poor-quality image on your screen is your projector is not powerful enough. Opt for a high-quality projector to address this. 
  1. Improper screen placement – install your seating before you put your screen so you can adjust the proper mounting of the screen. In this way, you can gauge where the viewer’s eye level will be.